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[Guest Blog] How do you make your content distribution more efficient?

Posted by Sales Loft on 11/3/16 11:00 AM

With millions of content marketing articles written everyday and more than 211 million pieces of marketing content unleashed into cyberspace each minute, many companies find themselves scrambling to stay out ahead of the curve with content, cadence, and the appropriate distribution channels.

Each day there are:

  • 500 Million tweets sent
  • 3.6 Billion Instagram likes
  • 4.3 Billion Facebook messages sent
  • 40 Million tweets shared
  • 205 Billion emails sent

Not to mention the amount of B2B articles produced every day. That is a ton of data! If content is king, and it really is, how do you get eyes on it, how do you keep it relevant, and how do you keep it timely and on point so that it doesn’t go to waste?


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How do you make your content distribution more efficient?

1. You study trends - and trends in your prospects industry. When you are aware of the trend, you can build personality profiles that are most affected by the trend and tailor your messages. If you are not creating content that is timely and following the trends of your target industry, the content you create will be wasted. Old, stale content finds its way to the deleted folder fast. You need to know the average lifespan of content posted before it is considered old, or else your content might as well be sent by carrier pigeon if you don’t get eyes on it right away.

2. Tie it to newsworthy events that affect your prospect – make it timely. If a new regulation comes down on a targeted industry, you want to get the proper messaging out to prospects that informs and helps them pivot with the solutions you provide. 

3. You A/B test sales copy to optimize content, increase opens and track response rates, making sure that you are leading with your best performing messaging. When you utilize analytics that help optimize your messaging and the cadence in which it is sent out, you increase the odds of creating more positive engagements for your sales. 

4. You make sure your subject headlines compel your prospects to open the email to get the ball rolling. You can’t get a response unless you get an open – go top heavy with quality content in your subject line. Of course, you need to make sure the copy inside is just as good to keep your prospects interest while leading them to a strong Call to Action. Analytics will help you to optimize the best CTAs.


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Overcome these common content issues!

If you don’t have in house content creators, you want to make sure the freelancers you pay are given full details about the kind of content you want – be specific and explain in detail – to help make sure the freelancer doesn’t need to keep asking for clarity about the direction and target of the article. Any delays in finishing the piece and can negatively impact the effectiveness of your message because your competitor has already produced content and it’s been shared across all relevant platforms. Don’t be late to the party due to poor communication with your content creators.

If you’re distributing content through the wrong social media channels, your content is wasted. You don’t post a marketing video aimed at male customers on Pinterest. Know your platforms. Your analytics will let you know which social media platforms work best for your target market, and the best times to post to each platform. Leverage these analytics to optimize your social media cadence.

When you use the right tools and solutions to keep your content fresh and relevant, you gain a competitive advantage by being the first to pass that info and knowledge on to your prospects which makes it easier for your sales professionals to demonstrate the value of your service. Let your timely content be the key to driving sales.

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