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White Paper Release: Managing the Content Avalanche

Posted by Rebecca Spary on 11/7/16 3:14 PM

WHUT Inc., a digital content management solution provider, has just released the first volume in their “Content Management Success” series aimed at marketers and sales professionals.

Their latest White Paper: Managing the Content Avalanche explains the need for scalable, customizable, and predictive content management, while providing strategies for organizing content and getting the most out any content management solution.

White_Paper_Cover.pngUnsurprisingly, 100% of marketing leaders believe that internal and external facing digital content is valuable for meeting their business objectives. However, according to the marketing research firm Sirius Decisions, 60 to 70% of B2B content goes completely unused, despite the fact that companies are spending millions of dollars every year on producing content!

Managing the Content Avalanche provides strategies and tips for aligning content creation, distribution, and usage, in order to help mitigate the challenge of an overwhelming supply of content and poor content utilization.  

This new White Paper includes:

  • Numerous statistics about digital content
  • An introduction to the main challenges of content supply and demand

  • The importance and role of content management technology

  • 3 tips for achieving effective content management

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