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WHUT has been Recognized as a Top Marketing Tool for 2016

Posted by Rebecca Spary on 12/7/16 11:00 AM

Smart Selling Tools has recognized the WHUT Inc. platform as the best content marketing and selling solution for organizing, presenting, and tracking/analyzing digital content marketing and sales material. WHUT Inc is a leading content management provider for B2B and B2C organizations, it has been named as a top marketing tool for two years in a row!

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Smart Selling Tools has recognized WHUT for its exceptional digital content management functionality, unparalleled content accessibility, and industry-leading content data analytics. WHUT is a complimentary sales stack investment for any sales and marketing technology mix.

The sales stack is a hot topic for 2016. Sales managers are struggling to find the right balance of supporting technology in a sales technology industry that has doubled in size every 5 years. WHUT streamlines sales stack inefficiencies by offering one platform that will enable content communications, control and analysis.

If you’re struggling to build your sales stack, look for solutions that simplify life for both sellers and managers so they can execute with precision. WHUT gives total communication command and control in a way that CRM alone just can’t do.” – Nancy Nardin, President of Smart Selling Tools.

Only 30% of digital content created by marketing teams gets used by sales. Marketers don’t understand the impact of content they’ve created, and sales professionals continue to struggle with finding the right content in the field. WHUT uses an innovative Netflix-style content management system that highlights the best content for sales professionals and their contacts.

Nancy Nardin explains that “Sales reps dislike using CRM and that, in turn, deals a huge blow to your CRM ROI. WHUT's integrated platform enhances CRM and protects your ROI by automating data updates about buyers the moment they happen with actionable information. No need to wait until the end of the week or to rely on a salesperson’s opinion about how the sales call went.

WHUT stands out as the only content management solution that can remove unnecessary sales stack elements while making CRM readily accessible in the field on any device with an intuitive platform that works offline and on.

Click here to learn more about the Top Marketing Tool award. Visit or contact to learn more how WHUT can improve your digital content. 

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About WHUT Inc.

WHUT was founded on the idea that the current content cycle and management system is fundamentally broken. Millions of dollars are spent every year on producing content, yet many companies continue to struggle with effective management. Our team had a vision for a solution that takes the content avalanche and sifts through it to find and deliver the perfect snowflake. We started with a system that we already know and love - Netflix - to create a familiar dashboard-style content browser. Where you can easily search and filter your entire library, add tags, rate and comment on content, and build playlists. Your content will never again be lost in the endless avalanche of email attachments or zip folders!

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