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Infographic: 5 Biggest Content Challenges

Posted by Rebecca Spary on 1/31/17 11:00 AM

The rise of digital content marketing is creating many new and exciting opportunities! However, it isn’t without its challenges. 

In 2016 we saw marketers invest more time and money in digital content than ever before, but the majority never saw a return on that investment (Top Rank Blog, 2016). For example, only 20% of B2B organizations felt that they were effective at managing their content, and 60-70% of their content went completely unused!

This is due to the fact that many B2B and B2C content marketers continue to struggle to overcome major obstacles on their path to content marketing success.

When organizations are spending millions of dollars every year creating content they need to ensure that their marketing teams are driving content utilization! Rather than the current situation where 65% of marketers struggle to understand which types of content are effective and which aren’t (Inc., 2016).

Blog card - Infographic - 5 Biggest Content Challenges - and how marketing can overcome these problems

In a previous blog we discussed sales and marketing resolutions for the New Year, which included spending 2017 focused on content analytics and improving content engagement. These two trends carry over into this infographic where we are highlighting five of the biggest content challenges faced by modern content marketers:

  • 56% - Producing engaging content 
  • 50% - Measuring content effectiveness
  • 46% - Producing content consistently 
  • 39% - Producing a variety of content 
  • 35% - Lack of Budget 
  • (Content Marketing Institute, 2016).



Infographic - 5 Biggest Content Challenges for Marketers - 56% producing engaging content - 50% measuring content effectiveness - 46% producing content consistently - 39% producing a variety of content - 35% lack of budget - and solutions for overcoming these common content marekting challenges.png

It's going to take content marketers a lot of time and effort to overcome these major content challenges, but if they're willing to put in the work then the results will follow! 

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