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Team WHUT's Highlights from ConExpo - CON/AGG 2017

Posted by Rebecca Spary on 3/21/17 11:00 AM

Two weeks ago our team had the pleasure of attending ConExpo – CON/AGG 2017, the world's biggest international trade show for the construction industry, hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It was an incredible experience. Everybody in the construction industry showed up to celebrate the latest and greatest products, technological innovations, and to connect with other members of the global community.

With over 2,500 exhibitors, 130,000 industry professionals, and 2.5 million square feet full of the latest equipment and machinery, it’s no wonder that our team was blown away by the convention (Engineering Review, 2017).

The different groups represented at ConExpo included: asphalt, aggregates, concrete, earthmoving, lifting, mining, utilities, and more. And the exhibitors ranged from multinational giants to small firms with specialized products and solutions. 

We wanted to share with you a few of the highlights from our ConExpo – CON/AGG 2017 experience!

Team WHUT Inc shares the highlights from their trip to Las Vegas for ConExpo CON/AGG 2017


3D Printed Excavator 

This fully functioning machine certainly lived up to the hype. Announced by ConExpo – CON/AGG in partnership with IFPE back in April 2016, the World’s first 3D printed excavator was the talk of the convention (ConExpo, 2016).

The machine has three main 3D printed components: the stick, the cab, and the heat exchanger. The stick, which measures 7 feet in length and weighs 400 pounds, is made of steel and took 5 days to print. The cab was made of carbon fiber reinforced ABS plastic and only took 5 hours to print. The heat exchanger was made of 13 pounds of aluminum, but the group has not released how long that component took to print.” (Construction Junkie, 2017).

The world's first fully-functioning 3D printed excavator on display and in action at ConExpo 2017.jpg(Image source: Equipment World).

Our team caught the excavator in action and they were also there to witness the early stages of production for the second unit. 

This immense project was turned into a reality by several hard-working and intelligent groups, for a full list of these teams check out ConExpo News.

We thought that the excavator was an excellent example of how technology and the latest innovations are transforming the construction industry, by improving efficiency and productivity in unexpected ways.



With one of the largest displays at the convention (more than 40 machines spread out over an area the size of a football field), including skid steer loaders and a 96-tonne excavator, CAT certainly made an impression (CAT, 2017).

Caterpillar equipment on display at ConExpo 2017.jpg

They also took the opportunity to unveil eight new machines at ConExpo, including excavators, wheel loaders, and a dozer.

CAT showcases their new dozer as a part of their week long exhibit at ConExpo.jpg

For us, the highlight of their booth was their Virtual Reality (VR) station. Throughtout the convention many exhibitors utilized this promising technology to demonstrate their products, training stimulations, and most importantly their brand’s innovative spirit.

During the convention CAT used their VR system to allow guests to “experience a day in the life of a CAT operator”. Allowing them to choose a CAT machine and then operate it in real life applications, guests could also use view all of CAT's new technologies in the VR world (CAT, 2017).

Our team experience a day in the life of a CAT operator via their Virtual Reality VR station at ConExpo.jpg

Technologies such as VR are proving themselves to be the future of the construction industry. These new advancements allow for the coordination of safer, more efficient, and precise operations. They are being utilized to improve the design and operation of machines, equipment, and work sites.



The JCB Dancing Diggers

When our team was building their check list of convention to-dos and must-sees, at the top of the list was a stop at the JCB exhibit to check out a performance by the world famous JCB Dancing Diggers!

Throughout the convention JCB, a world leader in construction machinery, showed off their wide collection of products including the Hydradig, Teleskid (telescopic skid steer loaders), and their new range of access platforms.

JCB doing one of their equipment demonstrations at ConExpo CON/AGG 2017.jpg

They were very involved with their guests; providing various equipment demonstrations, and fun games. The top performance was the Dancing Diggers, where a team of experts drove Backhoe Loaders in a fascinating dance sequence.

They performed many amazing routines over the course of the convention. Moving in tight circles, passing within an inch of one another, lifting their performers high into the air, and even using their hydraulic lifts to perform handstands. Check out the video we recorded below. 


We dig the @jcbmachines Dancing Diggers out here at #conexpo2017

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Our Key Takeaways

Our mission for the convention was to explore as much as possible, to meet people from all over the world, and most importantly to learn more about these companies and their business / sales needs. We had many great conversations with industry leaders about how various trends and developments in the industry are shaping their sales and marketing strategies. 

A number of these individuals mentioned the need for greater control over their sales teams and content. As the products evolve and become more complex it’s vital that their sales teams remain educated on the latest developments. A sales content management platform can assist with this by hosting interactive training materials such as quizzes, videos, and manuals. Allowing for the easy distribution of content to users all around the world from one platform. Admins also have the ability to update these materials with the latest information and push these updates out to their teams, automatically removing the out-dated materials. 

Sunset on the last day of ConExpo - CON/AGG 2017.jpg

Another topic that came up a lot in our conversations was the need for better content distribution and management. While a lot of these companies are utilizing sales content such as spec sheets, product manuals, pricing brochures, customization guides, and even 3D product renderings, these assets are spread across various sources. They need a user-friendly, intuitive sales content management solution. By storing all of their sales assets in one location, complete with tags, filters, favourites, playlists, categories, and more, they can save their sales teams hours every week, improving efficiency and productivity! 

For more information, tips, and advice on how to improve your content management download a free copy of our white paper.

Download the WHUT white paper: Managing the Content Avalanche 


Round Up

ConExpo – CON/AGG was an amazing experience. The size and scale of this event was astounding, and the passion and energy shared by everybody in attendance was unmistakable. You can tell that everyone is optimist about the future of the industry and they’re looking forward to what’s to come (ConExpo, 2017). 

We’re already excited to start planning for the next convention, and this time we’ll remember to bring comfy shoes!

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