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Channel Enablement in Four Simple Stages

Posted by Rebecca Spary on 5/23/17 11:00 AM

Technology is shaping how we run our organizations, its creating new areas for innovative business leaders to flourish and grow. It’s shaping our attitudes, altering our customer relationships, and affecting our sales strategies, and now it’s impacting our channel marketing.

Channel marketing is a crucial tool for effective selling, especially for manufacturing companies, and channel enablement solutions are here to help by enabling, educating, and empowering your channel partners.

In the modern buying environment your channel partners are seen as an extension of your brand and your organization. You can turn them into brand advocates and product knowledge experts with the help of a channel enablement solution!

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Recharge your Partner Network with Channel Enablement

Posted by Rebecca Spary on 2/13/17 11:00 AM

Attempting to manage a channel partner network? Swamped in the administrative tasks that accompany network complexities? Unable to break through the data to find out what is really impacting your channels? 

You’re not alone! A study from Aberdeen found that 1/3 of organizations support indirect sales channels, but struggle to provide their channel partners with the technology and content that they need to sell effectively (Accent Technologies, 2016).

This is why it’s time to recharge your partner network with channel enablement!

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