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Infographic: How to Drive Sales with Content

Posted by Rebecca Spary on 7/25/17 11:00 AM

If you work in sales or marketing you're probably well aware of the fact that content marketing is taking over for traditional methods. With inbound marketing delivering 54% more leads than traditional outbound marketing (Nutshell, 2017).

Content is a more than just a buzzword, it's an institute, and no I'm not just talking about the Content Marketing Institute, I'm talking about the way that content marketing has swooped in and changed the game. Content is now a key driver in creating cost effective opportunities for acquiring new leads and closing sales (Nutshell, 2017).

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The Four Step Model for Digital Sales Content Success

Posted by Rebecca Spary on 4/4/17 11:00 AM

Digital content marketing is growing exponentially; creating an avalanche of valuable digital content for sales teams to use throughout the sales process… the only problem is that they aren’t using this content.

While Sales and Marketing alignment may be at the root of this problem, there are many underlying issues leading to these disappointing content utilization statistics. A 4-step model may hold the answers to unlocking successful digital sales content enablement.

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5 Digital Content Management Lessons From Netflix

Posted by Rebecca Spary on 12/6/16 11:00 AM

Whether you’re binge watching the latest season of House of Cards or catching up on Breaking Bad, Netflix has got you covered. It’s the crowning jewel of streaming services and it’s changing the way we consume and manage digital content.

Netflix and its counterparts (HBO Go, Hulu, Amazon, etc.) are influencing the way we organize our digital content libraries and how we create our digital content marketing strategies.

The adoption of digital content marketing continues to grow stronger, with 90% of all organizations using content in their marketing efforts (Demand Metric, 2015), and up to 80% of B2B decision makers preferring to receive information via articles and content rather than through advertisements (Melwater, 2015).

However, not enough companies are paying attention to the important lessons that can be learned from Netflix and what makes them so effective.

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[Infographic] The Avalanche of Content is Coming...

Posted by Rebecca Spary on 11/22/16 11:00 AM

We are all familiar with the shift from traditional to inbound marketing and the rise of digital content. For years now digital content creation has been exponentially increasing. Organizations are spending millions of dollars every year producing enormous amounts of digital content, and shockingly the majority of this content goes completely unused!

As the volume of content continues to grow it is creating a massive, unstoppable, avalanche of content that is becoming increasingly hard to manage, and marketers are losing sight of which content types are effective for achieving results. 

Today’s infographic highlights important statistics about the state of content marketing and the need for proper management, as well as strategies and solutions for tackling this challenge.

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