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[Guest Blog] The Critical Importance of Lead Validation in Internet Marketing

Posted by Aaron Wittersheim on 7/11/17 11:00 AM

Leads are a precious commodity, so it's crucial that you know exactly how many your website is generating. Unfortunately, when you rely solely on the numbers from Google, you're not getting the entire story.

That's because those numbers only count conversions, nearly half of which turn out to be things other than sales leads. Without lead validation as a crucial component of your Internet marketing apparatus, you can wind up putting too many resources into sources that are generating lots of conversions but not many true leads.

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Ahead of the Curve: Business Lessons from Uber

Posted by Rebecca Spary on 6/27/17 11:00 AM

Whether you love them or hate them, there is no doubt that Uber is one of the most successful and fast-growing businesses in recent history.

Starting back in 2009, Uber has risen through the ranks to become a cornerstone of the modern world, offering their consumer-driven, ride-sharing services in 300 cities around the world. With a valuation of $70 billion they’re an inspiration to many (Geektime, 2017).

Certainly, much of the firm’s success can be attributed to the genius of the operation. It offers not only a more affordable way for customers to get around but also plenty of jobs to boost the economy.” (Geektime, 2017).

Uber’s innovative spirit and business acumen allows them to stay top-dog in the rapidly advancing ride-sharing market. Check out these valuable marketing, sales, and business lessons that we can learn from Uber’s ups (and downs).

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Why Marketers Need Sales Enablement

Posted by Rebecca Spary on 5/9/17 11:00 AM

Sales enablement is the process of providing sales teams with the right content, knowledge, and skills for every buyer interaction. However, just because it’s a “sales” tool that doesn’t mean that it’s a sales-only tool. Today we’re exploring why sales enablement is an important tool for marketing, and how they can utilize it to help create and deliver coordinated messages throughout the buyer’s journey.

By now we’ve all heard about the importance of improved sales and marketing alignment, and the need for a comprehensive view of the buyer decision journey, these are just a few of the things that can be accomplished with the help of a complete sales enablement platform.

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5 Reasons to use Account Based Marketing for your Digital Sales Content

Posted by Rebecca Spary on 5/2/17 11:00 AM

Account based marketing took 2016 by storm. The resurgence shows no signs of stopping or slowing down in 2017, and many are racing to adopt the right account-based marketing tactics.

Knowing when and how to use account-based marketing effectively across the sales process means understanding why it works, and how it differs from other digital sales content strategies.

Today’s blog explores the five key reasons why account-based marketing is worth using across the sales process.

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5 Content Types That Drive Manufacturing Sales

Posted by Rebecca Spary on 4/11/17 11:00 AM

Every year more manufacturing companies are recognizing the importance of creating great content. In their annual B2B manufacturing content marketing study the Content Marketing Institute reported that 85% of manufacturers are now including content in their marketing strategies (CMI, 2016). They’re using it for more than simply generating awareness; they’re using it to generate sales.

However, this is about where the good news stops. The study found that only 18% of manufacturers believe that their organization is effective at content marketing (CMI, 2016). We can see that there is a massive gap between manufacturers who are using content and those who are using it effectively.

In order to improve and drive sales, manufacturers need to be investing in the right content types. Now, we admit there is no magic content mix that is guaranteed to work for all manufacturing organizations; it all depends on your organization, your goals, and the needs of your customers. That’s why it’s important to understand the effectiveness of different content types; these five pieces are the perfect place to start driving your sales success.

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Infographic: 5 Biggest Content Challenges

Posted by Rebecca Spary on 1/31/17 11:00 AM

The rise of digital content marketing is creating many new and exciting opportunities! However, it isn’t without its challenges. 

In 2016 we saw marketers invest more time and money in digital content than ever before, but the majority never saw a return on that investment (Top Rank Blog, 2016). For example, only 20% of B2B organizations felt that they were effective at managing their content, and 60-70% of their content went completely unused!

This is due to the fact that many B2B and B2C content marketers continue to struggle to overcome major obstacles on their path to content marketing success.

When organizations are spending millions of dollars every year creating content they need to ensure that their marketing teams are driving content utilization! Rather than the current situation where 65% of marketers struggle to understand which types of content are effective and which aren’t (Inc., 2016).

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2017 Trends: Sales and Marketing Resolutions Infographic

Posted by Rebecca Spary on 1/3/17 11:00 AM

Planning your sales and marketing strategies for the year ahead? Changes in the marketing environment and an accelerated sales cycle are having a large effect on how we approach our strategies.

It’s time for many of us to start making decisions about where we want to invest our time and resources in the New Year. We interviewed individuals in sales and marketing, and did our own research to find the most popular and shared resolutions for 2017, and now we’re passing this advice along to you.

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