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5 Tricks to Overcome the Summer Sales Slump

Posted by Rebecca Spary on 8/2/17 11:00 AM

After a month or two of sweltering heat, bug bites, and melting popsicles, it can start to seem as though the summer is never going to end.

With the heat waves comes the inevitable summer sales slump dreaded by sales professionals and marketers alike. While there are some exceptions to this summer slump rule, glares at the ice cream man, most businesses experience this naturally occurring phenomenon.

All of your top prospects are relaxing on a beach somewhere, your sales manager seems to be on the golf course every other day, and you’re existing customers are brushing you off with automated ‘Out of Office’ replies, because around 40% of people plan their vacations for some time in August (Ask Your Target Market).

So how can we avoid this seasonal curse? Check out these 5 sales and marketing tips and tricks to break through the summer sales slump, and reignite your pipeline.

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Top Tips for Successful Lead Generation in Industrial Manufacturing

Posted by Rebecca Spary on 6/13/17 11:00 AM

Industrial manufacturing is in need of a change. The industry is constantly under pressure to improve plant productivity, meet evolving customer demands, and stay competitive in an innovative environment. 

Landing new business can be difficult for manufacturing, especially when your competition has long-standing relationships with their vendors and customers (MarketingV2, 2015), which is why we’ve collected these tips to help drive successful lead generation for industrial manufacturers.

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5 Reasons to use Account Based Marketing for your Digital Sales Content

Posted by Rebecca Spary on 5/2/17 11:00 AM

Account based marketing took 2016 by storm. The resurgence shows no signs of stopping or slowing down in 2017, and many are racing to adopt the right account-based marketing tactics.

Knowing when and how to use account-based marketing effectively across the sales process means understanding why it works, and how it differs from other digital sales content strategies.

Today’s blog explores the five key reasons why account-based marketing is worth using across the sales process.

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Unlocking Data Analytics Across Your Sales Process

Posted by Rebecca Spary on 4/25/17 11:00 AM

We’ve been told time and time again that marketing data analytics are essential for effective digital content marketing, and while most acknowledge it’s importance they are still struggling to make effective use of their data.

“Spending on marketing analytics—quantitative data about customer behavior and marketplace activities—is expected to leap from 4.6 percent to almost 22 percent of marketing budgets in the next three years, representing a 376 percent increase. At the same time, marketers say barely a third of available data are used to drive decision making in their companies.” – CMO Survey, 2017

Today we’re exploring the current state of and challenges associated with data analytics utilization, as well as top strategies you can employ for effective analytics along your sales and marketing process.

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How Sales and Marketing can Work Together to Drive Content Utilization!

Posted by Rebecca Spary on 2/21/17 11:00 AM

For years now we’ve been witnessing the battle between sales and marketing. As animosity brews over differing goals and strategies, it begins to effective business and productivity (B2B Marketing, 2017). One area that has been suffering for too long is content.

The reality is that a lack of sales and marketing alignment is creating barriers to successful content marketing. For example, it is estimated that between 60 – 70% of marketing content goes completely unused by sales (SiriusDecisions), and up to 75% of sales professionals state that they ‘occasionally’ or ‘never’ get what they need from marketing (Demand Metric, 2015). Which means that valuable content that could be used to help close deals and drive revenues, is just sitting there.

So, how can sales and marketing turn this around and drive stronger content utilization?

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2017 Trends: Driving Sales and Marketing Alignment

Posted by Rebecca Spary on 12/20/16 11:00 AM

2017 is nearly upon us, especially for those of us who still haven’t finished our Christmas shopping! But we’re not here to talk about me; we’re here to talk about trends in the world of sales and marketing. In our new blog mini-series we’ll be discussing important trends affecting sales and marketing in 2017, and how we can prepare to succeed in the New Year.

Today we’ll be talking about the importance of sales and marketing alignment for the upcoming year. Aligning these two departments is an ongoing problem for many organizations, when these two departments are misaligned it can cause a significant loss in productivity, resources and revenue.

When sales and marketing are constantly blaming one another for the lack of leads and sales, it can create a hostile environment where it becomes impossible for either department to succeed.

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